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Fodder coal pellets for dogs "
Damage and toxin binding in the gastrointestinal tract
Compound feed
Ancient home remedy for gastrointestinal problems
Relief from diarrhea
Odorless feces
Reduction of flatulence
Nicer coat for long-term use
Very low dosage necessary
Binding of pollutants leads to increased well-being of the animals
No food change necessary

The charcoal is a mixture of different vegetable oils, is dust-free and refined for your dog with salmon oil.


Feed coal? What's this?
The charcoal of CharLine is a combination of different, extremely high quality and pure biochar. Each biochar is subject to a different, strictly controlled and clean manufacturing process. Due to the different processes, the vegetable carbons have different properties. The combination of these raw materials in the feed carbon raises the effect to a much higher level than can be achieved with a single biochar.


Flour or pellets?
The recommended type of application
For wet feeding (raw meat, canned food, ...) we recommend our flour variant. Due to the moisture of the food, the charcoal flour adheres perfectly to the food and it is completely absorbed.

For dry food we recommend the pellets. Due to the structure and the firm pressing, the pellets resemble the dry food in their consistency and are therefore very well absorbed.

The charcoal for dogs is added in very small quantities to the daily feed. When using medications, the addition of the charcoal must be suspended as there is a possibility that the active ingredient of the drug will be partially bound.

bone formation
The charcoal has a good proportion of calcium and phosphorus. With daily addition, it can promote powerful bone structure, good joints and healthy teeth.


Feeding recommendation:

<20Kg 1/4 measuring spoon 20-40Kg 1/2 measuring spoon> 40Kg 1 measuring spoon

Example: A small can of charcoal flour (175 g) is sufficient for a dog with 30 kg for about 50 days

The charcoal is a mixture of different vegetable oils, dust-free and refined for your dog with salmon oil.

Filling level due to technical reasons.


analytical components

Crude protein 5.5%
Crude fiber
Crude fat 0,5%
Raw ash 35%
Calcium 8.3%
Phosphorus 0.7%

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