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Puppy Gelatinate is a unique nutritional supplement to maintain healthy joints and strong bones of your growing puppy. A daily dose of Puppy Gelatinate meets the increased need for specific nutrients of the musculoskeletal system in the growing phase.

Many puppies, known as the large, fast-growing breeds, have a risk of developing skeletal abnormalities (hip and elbow dysplasia) and disorders in the conversion of cartilage to bone (osteochondrosis). The consequences for the pup and the resulting symptoms during adulthood can cause many problems in the animal. Causes include (hereditary) developmental disorders of the skeleton (Developmental Joint Disease (DJD)), a poorly formulated or over-energy rich diet during the different growth phases, or a lack of determination of the amino-doodacle, solid bones, rifle capsules and wristbands. At a later stage, when the dog is an adult,

PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinate is derived from the successful product PrimeVal Gelatinate for adult dogs. It has a special composition to which no calcium has been added. An excessive intake of calcium is an important risk factor for the development of osteochondrosis, hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Young dogs in growth are not yet able to regulate the calcium absorption in the intestine sufficiently well so that an unwanted excess can be absorbed into the body.

PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinate contains 100% pure collagen hydrolysate, which contains a special amino acid spectrum. Amino acids link together in chains of which thousands of combinations are possible. The special amino acid chain of PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinate corresponds to that of the cartilage in the joints of the puppy and is the main component of joint capsules, ligaments, skin and coat of the puppy. The specific composition of PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinate significantly reduces the risk of developing skeletal and joint defects. 

Simply put, primeVal Puppy Gelatinate ensures that sufficient essential nutrients are present during growth for good bone and cartilage development, as well as for building firm joint capsules, ligaments and tendons. PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinate also contributes to the production of sufficient and nutritious joint lubrication (synovia), so that a good lubrication of the joints is maintained.

Collagen hydrolysate, minerals, flavor, collagen type II. 

5-15 kg 0.5 measuring spoon
15-30 kg 1 measuring spoon

30-40 kg 2 scoops

> 40 kg 3 scoops

1 measuring spoon = 7,5 g.

Mix powder through the feed. To be used from an age of 8 weeks.
It is recommended to administer Primeval Gelatinate Puppy until the first year of life. At an age from 1 year you can switch to Primeval Gelatinate.


As building material for the skeleton, joint cartilage, ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints, skin and coat
To reduce the risk of developing hip and elbow dysplasia
To prevent osteochondrosis (OC)
For a good development of the musculoskeletal system of the growing puppy
For the development of a shiny and supple coat
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Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia

A puppy is not born with hip or elbow dysplasia, but these conditions develop during growth and can continue as the dog gets older. Both abnormalities are partly hereditary developmental disorders leading to painfulness, lameness and premature wear (osteoarthritis) of the cartilage in the joints. With an X-ray picture these disorders can be visualized well. Because of the pain, the dog is less active and therefore the development of muscle mass around the joints remains behind. Not only the hereditary factors play a role in the development of hip and elbow dysplasia, but also an imperfect diet plays an essential role. Certain breeds run a higher risk of acquiring one or both abnormalities.


Disorders in skeletal development, such as osteochondrosis, or OC for short, occur in many dog breeds and occur at an early age. In all young animals the joint cartilage forms during development to the final bone, leaving a thin layer of cartilage towards the end of this process. Normally this process is completed after the first year of life. For the larger breeds this period often takes longer.

Diffusion factors play a role in the development of osteochondrosis. Besides heredity, intensive breeding, injuries and insufficient or wrong Bewegungs (smooth parquet), this is mainly the nutrition. A good diet starts already during the pregnancy of the bitch. For the last 3 weeks of pregnancy, the chance of developing osteochondrosis is greatest. It is therefore important to supplement the bitch's diet with PrimeVal Gelatinate throughout pregnancy.

For a good development of the Bewegungsapparaat of your growing dog. Suitable for puppies from 8 weeks.

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